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Friday, November 5, 2010

Clan Genealogists

This is a brief note for Clan Genealogists.
As many of you know, when people attend Highland Games, they may not know what Clan they are associated with, or they may not know further back than the names of their grandparents.
Occasionally, someone will attend who is a Celt but not Scottish (i.e. Irish or Welsh) and so there is no Clan representation in the tents at the Games.
So, here are a few suggestions for Clan Genealogists so that they can get someone started.
First, please make them welcome, and invite them to affiliate with your Clan if they choose. If you trace far enough back, chances are they're kin.
Second, let them know that there are several places to go if their clan is not in attendance, and these include: Highlander Magazine , Rampant Scotland , Electric Scotland and Genealogists like yours truly Cornelia Bush, FSA Scot .
Third, if they join your Clan Society, please make sure that they take home a piece of paper that gives your website address -- it will help keep them active.
Fourth, give them a form to fill out and mail back on which they can enter family history data (as far back as they have it.) It should be at least to their 3 greats grandfather in order to get them back to Revolutionary War records. If you are a Clan Genealogist and need a form, email me via my website and be sure to identify which Clan you are from.
Yours aye,

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