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Monday, February 28, 2011

DAR breaks ground on Women Veterans' Memorial

On Friday last, the Daughters of the American Revolution broke ground for a Memorial to honor women veterans.

“With the support of the 7,500 Illinois Daughters and the Illinois Department of the American Legion Commander Richard C. Groharing, we set out to erect a tribute to encompass the first women veterans of the Revolutionary War to today’s women veterans who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and world-wide,” said Luanne Frosch Bruckner, Illinois State Regent DAR. 
“The faces of Molly Pitcher, Margaret Ludwig Hays from the Revolutionary War to today’s women veteran, represented by Tammy Duckworth, deputy director of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., an Iraqi veteran who lost both of her legs after being shot down in Iraq, were used for the sculpture. Tammy is also a member of the DAR."
...“Many years ago, a DAR, a former Army nurse, Gertrude Peterson of Rockford, told of her experiences as her group of nurses landed a few days after D-Day,” Bruckner said. “She inspired those listening with her matter-of-fact story of the incredible services given by these women. As an active member of the DAR, (I) have seen much of Illinois, and nowhere could (I) find a statue erected to honor only women veterans. A dream of creating such a tribute formulated and in 2008, upon accepting the nomination to lead the Illinois State organization as the Daughters of the American Revolution, a project was born.”

To view the article, visit Mt. Vernon Register-News

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Conservation of family papers

For those of us with records sitting in boxes in the attic, basement or garage, take heart -- there is a professional service which may be able to rescue your precious documents.

The Northeast Document Conservation Center provides helpful information about their services as well as a convenient Resources List
While its primary focus is on organizations, the individual family historian will find the programs helpful and informative.

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